Semiannual Meeting
The Asian Trade Association (ATA) holds Annual meetings each year in various pre-determined locations around the world. Each conference features a combination of plenaries, panels, and papers. All papers presented at ATA conferences go through a double-blind review process. The abstracts of the presented papers are published as a conference proceedings.
Future Meeting

Colima, Mexico (2022 Winter) 

Vienna, Austria (2021 Summer)

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia(2021 Winter)

Past Meeting

Online (2020 Summer): due to Pandemic

Hanoi, Vietnam (2019-2020 Winter)

Busan, Korea (2019 Summer)

Bangkok, Thailand (2019 Winter)

Sapporo, Japan (2018 Summer)

Dhaka, Bangladesh (2018 Winter)

Bucharest, Romania (2017 Summer)

Yogyakarta, Indonesia (2017 Winter)

Taichung, Taiwan (2016 Summer)

Wollongong, Australia (2016 Winter)