JATB-Copyright Transfer Agreement

Copyright Transfer Agreement

[Journal of Asia Trade and Business (JATB)] 

Title of Manuscript:                                                                                                                                                         
All Authors:                                                                                                                                                         

All authors of this manuscript must agree to the following:

1. All authors certify that the manuscript does not violate any copyright and confirm its originality.

2. All authors have made an actual and intellectual contribution to this manuscript and hold responsibility for its contents.

3. This manuscript has not been published or will not be submitted to another journal for publication.

4. The “Asian Trade Association” has rights in legal action against the infringement of copyright of this manuscript without authors’ permission.

5. All authors of this manuscript confirm the transfer of all copyrights in and relating to the above-named manuscript, in all forms and media, through the world, in all languages, to “Asian Trade Association”.

6. If each author’s signature does not appear below, the signing author(s) represent that they sign this Agreement as authorized agents for and on behalf of all the manuscript authors, and that this Agreement and authorization is made on behalf of all the authors.

In order for my manuscript to be accepted for publication in the Journal of Asia Trade and Business (JATB), I hereby assign and transfer to the Asian Trade Association all rights, title, and interest in and the copyright in the manuscript, entitled.


Corresponding Author:                                                 Signature:


* Submission: You must submit a scanned file (file type: jpg, gif, or pdf) of this signed confirmation and final manuscript file (file type: MS Word) online after the manuscript has been accepted for publication.